Fixed Installation Testing or Periodic Inspection and Testing forms an important part of any Health & Safety system.

Periodic Fixed Installation Inspection & Testing

All electrical systems and equipment used in the working environment should be in a safe condition, so in order to comply with the regulations an electrical inspection and testing programme should be undertaken at all places of work.

In addition to these legislative requirements many other organisations such as insurance companies place an obligation on their clients to carry out periodic electrical testing.

The frequency of fixed wire testing

The frequency depends of the useage of a particular building ** see our listings below. 

Periodic testing can cause disruption to the users in a building and for this reason it is something that requires careful planning. We often advise to arrange for electrical inspection and testing to take place outside of normal working hours.

It suits you, and it suits us.

At the end of any testing programme we will complete a Electrical Installation Condition Report detailing the extent and results of the inspection and testing and listing any recommendations for remedial actions that should be taken to ensure compliance with current standards.

Testing Intervals

The frequency of periodic inspection and testing must be determined taking into account:

  1. The type of installation
  2. Its use and operation
  3. The frequency and quality of maintenance
  4. The external influences to which it is subjected

The table below provides guidance on the frequency of formal inspections of electrical installations as well as routine checks.

Type of Installation                 Routine check                       Maximum period between inspections and testing

General installation                                      

Domestic                                     N/A                                           change of occupancy/10 year                  

Commercial                                1 year                                       change of occupancy/5 years                 

Educationals                               6 months                                 5 years                                                  

Hospitals                                     1 year                                      5 years                                                 

Industrial                                      1 year                                      3 years                                                  

Residential acc.                         change of occupancy             1 year 5 years                 

Offices                                        1 year                                        5 years                                                 

Shops                                         1 year                                        5 years                                                 

Laboratories                              1 year                                        5 years                                                  

Buildings open to the public                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Cinemas                                     1 year                                        1-3 years                                              

Church installations                   1 year                                        5 years (quinquenially)                 

Leisure complexes                    4 months                                   3 years                                                  

Public  entertain                         1 year                                        5 years                                                  

Restaurants and hotels             1 year                                        5 years                                                  

Theatres                                     1 year                                        3 years                                                 

Public houses                            1 year                                        5 years                                                 

Community centres                   1 year                                        5 years                                                  

External installations                                    

Agricultural/hort                         1 year                                         3 years                                                  

Swimming pools                       4 months                                    1 year                                                    

Caravan parks                          6 months                                    1 year                                                    

Marinas                                     4 months                                     1 year                                                    

Fish farms                                 4 months                                     1 year                                                    

Emergency lighting                  daily/monthly                               3 years                                                 

Fire alarms                               daily/weekly                                1 year                                                    

Laundrettes                              1 month                                       1 year                                                    

Petrol filling stations                1 year                                          1 year                                                    

Construction site                      3 months                                     3 months

Service Contracts and packages

We offer a range of contracts and price packages depending on what your needs are. Service Level Agreements are best, stating periodic terms, with monthly 'easy to budget' payments.

Our pricing packages can be offered individually or as bundles, to cover the essential and compliant works your company will be required to do.

To start the ball rolling, it's best for us to meet you, do a site inspection, and get to understand the level of support required.