Understanding your site is a way for us to help you. By knowing what you do, how you do it, and what equipment you use, helps us to support you. Seeing the way you like to do things and embracing your culture means we are able to work and communicate with you better.

Site Surveys

We are happy to do a 'Site Survey'. There may be no immediate work required, but by us seeing your site ourselves, we will feel comfortable delivering work in the future. We will 'hit the ground running' if a fast response is needed. 

Typically this would mean a walk round your production area (and any other area you feel you may need us),  where there is power, machinery, plant, lighting and equipment. We will be noting whats there, how it's used, what it does, when it's used. The aim of a Site Survey is familiarisation.

This is what we aim to understand:

Machinery, plant and equipment

What do you make or produce therefore what do you use to make these items. We will look at how they function, and trying to understand the process flow of the area. We will note the level and type of technologies of pieces of equipment, so we are sure we have skill sets to match.

Electrics, wiring and cabling

Often the cause of production losses. We will aim to understand the layout, input and condition of your electrics in your premises. By seeing where boards and boxes are located, and how they connect, helps us to quickly work with your power supply in the event of interruption.

Working with your staff

Meeting up with key personnel, having a chat and understanding roles and responsibilities, will help us to build a working relationship much quicker. Even if no work has been requested at this stage, it's good for both parties to have a basic knowledge of 'who does what' and 'who to have dialogue' with. It will be an opportunity to discuss any formal matters such as terms and conditions and charge rates.

Site access and permissions

By visiting your site, we can understand how to access the site, where and from who to get permits and permissions so in the event of rapid response works, we are able to begin works without undue delay. This moment may be ideal to share any 'on-site' policies or induction for contractors that you may operate.

Sensitivities and disciplines

A visit helps us to ask about health and safety issues we may need to be aware of, such as asbestos levels, machinery dangers, noise levels, or substances handled during production. Another question may be about when works could be done. There may be work shift patterns to plan around and to be familiar with.